Covid19 & E-commerce Websites?

Apr 22, 2020

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How do i get an online store running?

One thing that has certainly ramped up during the recent Covid19 situation is how often we are asked here at Ed Design:  “How do I get an ecommerce website?”.

Its not just Ed thats being asked this. Search sites such as Google or Bing are seeing a sharp spike. For example, take the phrase, “ecommerce wordpress website design geelong”. Online search volumes have multiplied exponentially over the past few weeks. This goes for any realated terms as well.

The good news is that ecommerce is generally prety easy to implement.  Especially if your operate a WordPress Website.

Even if you dont – there are many options to get you online quickly and easily.

…take the phrase ecommerce wordpress website design geelong – online search volumes have multiplied exponentially over the past few weeks.

WordPress Ecomerce Solutions

Wordpress has the benefit of the powerful WooCommerce plugin. This has basically become the industry leader for standalone web hosting platforms. (You may remember our article about WordPress versus the world. Where we explained a little more about Standalone platforms).
WordPress and WooCommerce is super easy to setup and you can literally be online and selling services in a matter of hours, Our record stands at 39 minutes!

WooCommerce is virtually limitless in what it can do. Combined with a myriad of plugins and addons out there. Its virtually the only platform most designers will work with these days.

It can be customised to offer home delivery options, booking services or appointments or a million other things – if you ask “can WordPress do it” the answer is generally “yes!”

You can get started yourself, by simply ordering an optimised WordPress hosting service with Ed, and using our WordPress one click installer – your WordPress enviroment will be good to go in minutes.  All you need to do then is install the WooCommerce plugin, run a short configuration wizard and you are away. At this point, you would have been hard pressed to have spent more than 30 minutes.

The next steps are to build the site and add in your products – which does take a little longer but its also super straight forward. But we would suggets spending an hour or so watching some tutorials and learning the basics.  The series of WooCommerce tutorials by WPTuts is a good place to start – or you can alwasy just ask Ed Hosting for some help.

Of course, if you want us to build the site from ground up and get you online within a matter of hours – jump over and complete our online WordPress quote builder and you will get in instant quotation – obligation free!


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