Hosting Support during Covid19

Apr 26, 2020

SEO provider blog

Our Ed Hosting Support team is seeing an emerging trend for inbound web sales enquiries. That is basically that people cannot contact their provider for support. Put simply, overseas call centers have been decimated by Covid19 (or the Corona virus if you want to follow the media trend.) and have closed down.

It’s left thousands clients essentially without support. Ed Hosting has personally had to swap to an entirely new Google Analytics accounts for one client, because of an access issue on their account.

Normally this would be fixed in a week or so, by contacting Google support and waiting patiently for a reply. (Yes, bad enough having to wait a week at the best of times). But currently, the reply from a Google and many others is basically along the lines of “our support team is shut”.

This is unfortunately a side effect of hosting with larger companies, such as Google, GoDaddy, Crazy Domains and others.

The mentality of bigger hosts is essentially: “high volume, low cost, low retention”. Meaning they will jam as many clients into the system as possible, at low cost to them. Which basically means zero customer service and next to nothing support.

…which means zero customer service and next to nothing support…

This structure of hosting like this means they don’t really care how long customers stay as a client. We did touch on this in an article a few weeks ago about how bigger hosts offer zero support.This issue has been exacerbated recently by the Covid19 virus and its effect on call centers. Bigger companies have just closed. They can wear 25-30% client loss and still operate.The difference with smaller Australian Web Hosting providers is that they can’t wear that sort of loss. Plus you will find that most Australian hosts actually care about clients – so won’t just wear it. End result is – Aussie hosting providers have had find a way to keep going. Which Ed Hosting and many others have managed to do.For many people – this will be an eye opening moment. Hosting is vital and support is vital. If I lose either, it costs me money.Others may not care, or may not see any alternative. But there is one – and not just one but many – choose a good Australian owned and Australia operated host.And remember – Ask that question – where is your support team!