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LiteSpeed is web server software designed to accelerate a website’s performance. Built with event-driven architecture, the LiteSpeed server can handle higher traffic with fewer processes, reducing resource usage and improving page speed.

Load Times

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Page Performance

The illustration below shows a huge improvement in website performance after activating and configuring the LiteSpeed Cache plugin, in particular on the hard to please Google PageSpeed results.

GT Metrix Score

GT Metrix Score

Google PageSpeed Mobile

Google PageSpeed Mobile

Google PageSpeed Desktop

Google PageSpeed Desktop

Standard Apache Server

Ed Hosting LiteSpeed Server

When Speed is critical…

LiteSpeed for WordPress is the only choice.

Ed Hosting LiteSpeed Hosting gets its power from LiteSpeed Web Server’s cache engine, Load your WordPress and WooCommerce pages accurately, and lightning fast, without any traditional lag.

LiteSpeed Web Server’s impressive HTTP/2 performance can bring tremendous speeds to your WordPress sites.

LiteSpeed Web Server saves on server resources without losing performance, security, compatibility, or convenience.

WordPress Hosting with LiteSpeed Packages

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