Why does Social Media engagement matter?

Feb 28, 2022

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Why does Social Media engagement matter to your Business?

Aussies love social media – in fact, as individuals we spend 2 hours on it EVERY day! That’s should be enough for you to realize how vital it is for your business.
But what business owners don’t realize that it’s not all about the follows!

An amazing social media strategy would consider the following:

  • Engagement: This includes things like comments, messages, re-tweets/re-shares etc. This shows a connection to your brand and also helps boost your ‘authenticity’ on the social platforms making your brand easier to find or be recommended by the social media platforms
  • Timing: What day of the week and what time to post for better engagement rates. And post regularly
  • Brand awareness: Does your posts fit in with your brands logos/colors etc
  • Competition: What is working for other business? And what isn’t?
  • Type of content: Are you only posting blog posts? Are you posting more videos then stories? Is there a call to action? Etc
  • Social platforms you choose: Are your media platforms being used by your target audience?

There’s so much more technical things to consider when coming up with a social media strategy. We don’t want to bore you with that but we love it!

Ed hosting love’s getting into the nitty gritty parts of social media and working out the best plan (and re-tweaking if need be!) for our clients and their business. Contact us today to find out how we can help!