Super fast website loading

WordPress CDN & WAF

Super Charge the speed of your WordPress Website with our Premium CDN service.

If the speed and response of your site is vital, a CDN is a must have service.
Our WordPress CDN service will not only give you that speed boost but also secure your WordPress site against dangerous online threats and attacks,

Smart Caching

Smart caching polices, ensures your WordPress site will serve content to visitors as quickly as possible.

Deliver WorldWide

Our advanced CDN network ensures your content is always being delivered as quickly as possible. No matter where the location.

Gzip Compression

On the fly compression means the size of your WordPress elements are reduced before being sent to browsers.

DDOS Protection

Protect your WordPress website against DDOS attacks, which can cripple loading and cost you visitors and income.

Segment Downloads

Our CDN will automatically split large files, to ensure the best possible delivery times to visitors.

Smart Firewall

Our CDN and WAF will protect your WordPress environment against SQL injection, and automated bot attacks

A CDN network will share the load of your site across multiple locations across the globe, whilst applying complex caching and load balancing rules to ensure the content and information of your website is served to visitors browsers as quickly and efficiently as possible.

All CDN services also include a cutting edge Web Application Firewall (WAF), which will ensure your WordPress website will be secured against some of the most common and damaging online attacks, such as SQL and DDOS attacks.

Load Times

Standard WordPress site

  • Site Load Time – No CDN 75% 75%
  • Site Load Time – With CDN 27% 27%