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Top Website Musts for 2022

We all know what it's like to click through to website thinking they have what you want – only to wait for a long loading and hard to navigate site that asks you to sign up to their emailing list every 5 seconds and then gives you some long winded blog post about why you should buy a certain product or cook a certain recipe? Well, here at Ed...

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DIVI Builder – is it with it?

I work a lot with DIVI builder, and these days it’s probably the only builder I work with - let’s call it exclusively. So my view may be a little bias. But there is a reason for the bias. Other builders, Elementor, Ocean or even the native WP editor do some cool stuff and have their own appeal. But DIVI stands above the rest simply because it’s...

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Live Chat and your website

Live Chat on your site can increase customer engagement and improve sales or enquiries via your website – never has it been more important than over the last few months.

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Do I need SEO?

SEO or search engine optimisation is vital – find out why in our short run down.

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Geelong SEO Services

SEO is the Witch Craft of ensuring your site ranks on Google or Bing for the right keywords. With added local knowledge, our Geelong SEO team can ensure your site is found online.

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WordPress – Should I use it?

Trying to decide if WordPress is for you? Here are some points for your to consider, including flexibilty and online support options.

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Web Hosting – how to choose?

Choosing a good host is key to the success of your business in the online world – check out our top 3 tips on how to make the choice

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What is pay by the month web design?

Brand new website – one monthly fee. Its a new trend in web design, helping businesses improve cash flow and ensure a current website at all times. Find out how it can help you…