Move your website to Ed Hosting

Do you have an existing site hosted elsewhere?

Not happy with the service and support?

Or just want to support a local business, rather than a faceless multinational corporation?

No problems! We can help you transfer your site over…totally FREE of charge, and we will even throw in 3 months free hosting, if you take a 12 month hosting package with us.

All we need to move your site is a few details, so just complete the form below and and we will get things under way!

Don’t worry if you don’t know some or any of the details, one of migration experts will be in contact with you to assist.

I moved my site over from one of the larger hosting companies to Ed Hosting…it did cost me a few dollars more each month, but the amount of time I have saved made it well and truly worth it.  I cant even imagine how many more clients

I have had on my site…and not lost because of outages. Cannot recommend these guys enough.

Paul Baker

“Take the headache out of your website,

and focus more on what you do best.”

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