Affordable Monthly Web Design Packages.

Need a new website, without the huge up front costs? Is your website paramount to your business?

Why not have have your website development as part of a monthly subscription?

Already pay your car or equipment lease monthly?

So why not pay by month for you web site design?


You probably pay a lot of your business expenses month by month, but websites have traditionally been a set fee, and payable each time you need a new site. Not any more – you can now pay monthly for your website design.

Pay by the month web design

FREE 1st Month!

Get your first month ABSOLUTELY free! Available on all packages – just fill out the form to the right for more details!

Pay Monthly Website development packages:


Starting a new business, but want to keep costs down? Or an existing business looking to streamline expenses across a longer term?

Then an affordable pay monthly website package is the solution you have been looking for! (Check out our recent web hosting blog article for more reasons why a pay by the month package may suit you).

To keep it as simple as possible, we offer 3 different options for your Monthly Web Design subscriptions.

Two standard packages and a pay monthly ecommerce website option. You can choose to add extra support hours during checkout if you need more than the 1 hour included.

Please Note – all packages require an initial payment equal to the equivilent of 2 months of the package price, unless using a special offer or coupon. This is to cover initial setup fees.

Need help choosing your Monthly Web Design package?

If you are unsure which package to choose, you can jump on our live chat, email us via the contact page or check out further info below.

Lets Go!

Great way to get your business on line – low overheads and enough content to get the ball rolling in the online world. You can always upgrade at any stage, if your demands change.

Ramp it up!

Hands down our most popular package for non-ecommerce sites – this packages offers you an extensive site and plenty of free goodies added in, plus room to grow with your business.

The Peak!

This is like a hamburger with the lot – ecommerce, plenty of free goodies. Get your business online and selling products or services today – and all for a simple monthly fee.

Pay By The Month Web Design FAQs

We have answered some of the more common questions below. If you have a question that we haven’t answered, fill out the contact form and we will get back to you with a few hours.

Are there setup fees?

Nope – just the monthly ongoing fees.   If you choose the Lets Go! plan, you may need to register a domain, if you dont have one.  We can assist with that too.

What are design support hours?

Design support hours are changes to your site content. This may include things like colors, text, contact details or images. 

All our sites enable clients to make thier own changes, but if you choose one of our higher packages, you will also get some expert help included each month!

Are there contracts?


All plans commence on a 18 month contract. You can choose to end this early if you like – a termination fee equivilent to 50% of the agreed monthly fee, multiplied by how many months are remaining in the contact, will apply.

For example, should you cancel the Lets Go! package, with 6 months remaining – the fee would be $105. (50% of $35 = $17.50 multiplied by 6 months).

If you choose to cancel, the site will remain property of Ed Hosting.

Do you offer discounts?

If you pay for 18 months upfront, you will receive 10% discount.

Why do should i choose a pay by the month web design package?

You lease other components of your business – cars, office/shop space, computing equipment, phones – so why not also pay for your web design month by month?

A new website can be a prohibitive costs for a lot of start ups. So much so that some businesses simply dont bother – but thats a bad mistake to make, an online presence is vital in this day and age. Paying month by month helps you spread costs over a longer period – it also means you can update your site more regularly.


How long does the build process take?

Typically 5-7 days for a draft site to be ready for you to review. Then, depending on the review process and how many changes are made, the launch can be completed in 8-10 days.

Who makes the changes to the site when needed?

All packages include 1 hour of design support time per month – meaning in most cases, Ed Hosting will. You will also have access to the site via WordPress to make basic ammendments if you wish too.

What do I need to start?

We will need some basic text for the site, images, your logo and any other info you wish to have on the site.

Can I move the site to another hosting provider?

Once you have completed the initial term – you can move the site to any provider you choose. You will also be able to engage another developer to work on the site.

If you choose to move the site before the end of the contract, a full payment equal to the remaining term will be required.

Can I upgrade?

Yep – you can upgrade to higher level plans at any time.