What is pay by the month web design?

Apr 29, 2020

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A newly emerging trend in the web game is pay by the month web design.  So new infact, that Ed Hosting has just launched a range of new products this week (That being the last week of April 2020) – including our pay monthly ecommerce website packages.

For years small business owners just like us as  have leased cars, paid for smart phones, rented office space and a myriad of other things, paying month by month.  Yet – even today – people still scrabble and scrimp to find money for a new website.  (And lets face, Websites are not always cheap – but they are vital).

Check out some reasons why so many are choose to pay monthly for the web design services…


New Business?

If you are a new or start up business – you have many, many costs to cover. You may think a website is something you just cant afford to fork out extra dollars on. But it can be a critical error, as any new business MUST be online from day one. If you are not, you miss the surge of potential new visitors due to the new business buzz.

Paying the costs for BOTH your website and hosting across 12 months can take some of the sting away.

Why not stagger your new website design costs off over 12 or even 24 months?

Tax Savings?

Paying your site over 12 months may be a tax advantage – speak to you account for more info on this side of things.


Stay up to date.

A pay by the month web design plan means your site is constantly maintained and updated by experts – like our team here at Ed Hosting. You can choose to roll it over into a new site every 12 months if you wish, or simply keep the same site running, with some new updates and styles.


One payment per month.

No more juggling providers – one for your domain, one who does your web design, another who provides security or email services, yet another for hosting.

Keep it all in one place, with one fee each month. No more worrying about what costs you have on monthly cycles or what you have on 2 yearly cycles. One payment. Simple.

Business costs

  • Office Rent
  • Car Lease
  • Electricity
  • Car Running Costs
  • Average Hosting Cost (4 yearly site update)
  • Mobile Phone
  • Pay By Month Web Design
  • Monthly Coffees (1 per week day)
  • Internet
  • Netflix (Business expense right?)

The above shows a rough comparison when paying for your website design month to month. The “average hosting costs” figure is based on traditional hosting fees, support, domains and design costs assuming a new site every 4 years.  (Industry average is actually closer to 6 years)

Existing business?

Your site is crucial – even if you may not think so, trust us it is! Try asking people who phone your business “Where did you hear about us?” or “How did you decide to call us rather than a competitor?”.  Many will have used your website in one shape or form during the decision process.

But if the costs of building a new site have been deterring you from upgrading, maintaining or perhaps even creating your business website – paying for your web design monthly is a solution! 

No need to spend $1000’s on a new site. Simply make the new site part of your monthly cash flow.

Got questions?

Want to know more? Either check out our Pay By The Month Design page or fill out the form below and we will get back to you with answers to any questions you have.